Shoe polish

Demands : To create a shoe-polish kit for men

Answer : To design a neutral assortment, out of traditional masculine codes in order to illustrate that the idea of virility is not a masculine quest but an archaic and patriarcal concept. Caring is not specifically a women concern but an individual one, that has been everyone concern this last century before being related, again, as a human weakness, vanity and so, female scale. Because there is not one but many masculinities, we decided to create a neutral aesthetic but also a simple gesture, without background or embellishments. 

Visual concept : To design a trio, each object of which is composed half transparency and half opaque color, in order to hide the inside of the object: either the brushes or the balm. This visual committed stance is breaking with the codes attached to this traditional range of accessories specifically masculine and viril. As a raw material, we use materials without past connotations, and a "no-gender" color. The shape is rounded, ergonomic and allows a playful grip.

This first range is therefore composed of a brush to clean, a brush to polish and a balm, but it can be extended further. Each accessory opens in two parts : one containing (brush, balm...), the other being the closure.