Arles Luma Fondation

South of France is a pigments, minerals and other raw materials resourceful area, that enabled colorful and varied landscapes over the centuries.


One can observe in the old town an astonish contrast between colors, a duality between painted materials and raw material, thanks to fading tints. Besides, the natural stone is magnified by contrast and its natural tint is distinguishable from the pigmented part.

Ocher is a natural pigment, issued from a chemical reaction between minerals from the soil, water and time. It is a natural ressource, rife all over the world and which created south of France identity, in a geographical meaning ; from the walls to the tiles of roofs. 

The Luma Foundation's creation has been a great project in terms of cultural influence. Nevertheless, it also testifies a strong personal architectural decision. This observation lead me to question myself about how to build a bridge between this new area and the historical old town ? And, from a broader perspective, how to connect a space's soul to a human design ?

My researches are about cities and their identities. How can we, as designers, translate a background ? How the raw material should play a role, as a aesthetic identity ?

Use raw materials as the pillars of civilization they are and use as nature offers them : raw and unique.


Highlight the aesthetic value of their natural state, and use it as an open book to read the history of an area.


Use pigments from around as a tool to realize this process

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