Fête Impériale

Art Direction & Graphic Design

Marine Lottermoser has been working along Laura Gauthier Petit, CEO and Artistic Director of Fête Impériale Paris, on  the visual brand identity since September 2019. 

From photo-shootings to the visuals' diffusion, she's in charge of the meaning and journey of images.

Beside this, she's been lending her hand at illustrating various subjects. Indeed, Fête Impériale is a brand dedicated to fine Arts, from Renaissance paintings to contemporary Creation, with a special crush on Impressionism. Both passionated by History of Arts, Laura and Marine transmit this aspect of Culture as much as they can within the communication of the brand.

A word on Fête Impériale

Fête Impériale is a creative studio founded by Laura Gauthier Petit in Paris in 2015.

The different disciplines Fête Impérialerefer to Laura's aesthetics, to what she imagines of the world, to the way she sees it: a rich, colourful wardrobe, full of history, full of flowers, sometimes alternative, always very feminine, even feminist; it is also an upholstered interior, decorated with velvet and wide curtains, then punctuated by rare marbles or waxed concrete.Like a need for protection, armour, always extremely comfortable and soft, it is also populated, her world: her grandmother, who gave her the desire to make clothes; London, where she lived, and its inhabitants, their creative island madness, but also their old-fashioned and hilarious charm ... (read more)



Mars 2020

Lancement du concours de dessin

#lemondedapres entre architecture et botanique


Février 2020

Ouverture de la boutique Fête Impériale au Printemps Paris

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