De Kruisberg
A prison modification project



Ici, la grande partie de la population est très âgée et ce, du aux nouvelles technologies et aux progrès de la science. De Kruisberg est ainsi devenu le nouveau visage de la modernité. 


Population grown up very fast, faster than the number of births. Most of the population is constituted by elderly thanks to high technology, science and healthcare’s progress. By becoming the majority of the dutch population, elderly became so fashionable their great age is now seen as the new canon of beauty. Kruisberg is a place of celebration the old age: its beauty, energy and sexuality.

There are many displays all over the place finished to provide the best conditions to sexual activity. Sexuality is a pillar of the society, it’s used for health and for pleasure. It’s also used in extreme situations but elderly having sex isn’t a taboo anymore but a method, a process, a recipe for having a clever system.  Sex is very important from the healthcare point of view. There are two big reasons : First, sex is good for body, mood, brain activity. So it’s an activity to hold people healthy. In the second hand, sex is about reproduction, handover. It gives another point of view of pregnancy, caring (...). Recent scientific researches proves that elderly and little children are complementing one another.

So, instead of making a line of ages, what if Kruisberg was a circle of ages ?

Kruisberg is the new capital, the example, a model to share through the world. Since old people are not seen as cumbersome people but as pillars part of the society, their science have to be glorify. Old people’s best quality is of course to have live longer than the others : it’ s a synonym of knowledge and wisdom. In fact, they are suppose to have seen enough to put a balance in their mind, but more than anything they know things that only time can give. This is why Kruisberg is  a place where elderly are glorified and receiving a lot of attention but are also teaching a lot. Then, the daily program is split in two : receiving and giving. Sex in exchange of healthcare in exchange of education in exchange of finance in exchange of wisdom in exchange of public service (...).

Outside labour of growing their own food participate in the general health of the Kruisberg habitants. It keeps them strong and trained while the sun is aging their skin, a very valuable sign of beauty.

After a great evolution of the canon of beauty due to the historical context, elderly people has become the most desirable, and their beauty is enhanced at the Kruisberg showing the example to the rest of the world. It has become a sex tourism place, where everyone can appreciate and admire the beauty of the Kruisberg actors. 

Wrinkly faces and bodies became a trend. In other words, elderly look is a new way of fashion. Therefore, many people even want to modify their body to elderly style by plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is modifying the way we are growing older and the wrinkles are not the same : not as deep or absent from some face/body part… The people that want to stay young as long as possible will be seen as trickers and who do not deserve, in a way, to represent elderly. They will need to pass exams to determine are wise they are, and how important they can be in Kruisberg society. Otherwise, they will need to be educated first before belonging to the system, accept themselves and their body changes.

Project ordered by the Dutch national Architect, M. Rijksbouwmeester


Directed by Sjoerd Ter Borg, in association with Elissa Lacoste, Kuang Yi Ku, Aleksandra Korbanska and Sayo Kato

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