Cooking tool for connected people

Has the representation of a subject replaced the subject it self ? This object has been designed to make a comment on this question, when related to food. Eventually, this question can be applied on a lot more fields. Here, it illustrates this new trend that happens here on the digital space, where «likes» have the final world and #pornfood #foodlover #foodoftheday (...) reach millions of photos. If this use engages so much people’s daily life, then the object I purpose should be an object that goes along with it. An object that could explain, a thousand year later, what people used to do at this time.


Marine Lottermoser

Improve dishes pictures.


Two white sliding walls surrender and reflect the light, control the luminosity and background.


Wood and copper, proper food raw material.


A curved design echoes back to organic shapes and products.


The highest wall can be removed to use only the two white walls.

French boudoir 

process of representation

passage between inside and outside. 

Cappella degli Scrovegni's Ceiling

Religion. Sacralisation. Mystification.

Autel, a sacred object of decoration.