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A project invented to consider the importance given to beauty, inspired by the historical Boudoir as a space charged with sexuality and female empowerment. 



Beauty has largely been commodified and attention paid to this aspect of self care is often criticized as superficial, only going skin-deep. And yet, we remain pre-occupied with it as a representation of the self. So why not give ourselves room to acknowledge the aesthetics that shape us?


M.L. uses skin to symbolize the relationship between our inner and outer self. Using her own skin tones, she furnishes her boudoir with imaginary object designed from her own body, and feeds her reflection about this topic by displaying artists, designers, writers (...) work and thoughts on a dedicated instagram account : @boudoirnouveau

Here, she can digitally curate all those you share the same interest for Beauty and more specifically to the human body.


The Intimacy of Colors

Skin color has so often and still defines who we are. But rather than classify people according to it, let's explore all the colors that create the pattern of our skin and create the uniqueness of the biggest organ we are made of.


Skin as a language

Studying skin's textures lies on the interest given to the appearance in our societies, regardless for the time or location in history. Inspired by the cosmetic industry, this analysis aims to create a design language through the multiple textures the dermis can offer.

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Flowers of the Netherlands

All made by hand, those illustrations depict female and male genitals and plants, gathered as floral compositions, as a tribute to Nature.

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"Many intellectuals would have us believe that beauty is inconsequential. Since it explains nothing, solves nothing, and teaches us nothing, it should not have a place in intellectual discourse. But there is something wrong with this

picture. Outside the realm of ideas, beauty rules. Nobody has stopped looking at it, and no one has stopped enjoying the sight"

Nancy Etcoff, Survival of the Prettiest

"Finally, an intimate space  to reconcile our inner and outer self"

Designed to give a physical space to the topic of Beauty, which has been largely marginalized as a superficial subject, and engage a further conversation on the importance we give to our body.


Inspired by the historical Boudoir, as a space charged with sexuality as it was seen and female empowerment, as it really was, this nouveau Boudoir aims to claim some space for our body as a full part of our identities rather than a tool employed by our brains.


Boudoir Nouveau on Instagram

Dedicated to a curation of artists and writings, the Instgram account has been created to give a digital space to the subject of Beauty, displaying designs, arts and texts.