Boudoir Nouveau - Prelude

A room for the body

“It is not that the world is becoming substantially more beautiful. It is becoming a world of beauty in the sense that everything is seen in an aesthetic mode: the way to dress, think, exist, act, and judge. It is the triumph of beauty…that everything can be aestheticised.”

Yves Michaud


Beauty occupies a central role within our society, yet our cultural condition often denies its significance. Boudoir Nouveau questions the notion of beauty, its ideals, and its mechanisms of influence, as well as our hypocritical relationship to its effects. It delves into the differences between beauty and perfection and between aesthetic appreciation and narcissism, echoing back our perceptions of our selves and our bodies. Ultimately, this project aims to reframe the appearance as a legitimately meaningful, complex, and nuanced element in the construction of identity.


The dermis, or skin, becomes a source of visual inspiration that bridges between us and our physical and social context. The skin is redefined as a space of intimacy and reconciliation between our inner and outer selves, expressing the ultimate design of the self—the creation of a singularity within an environment that encourages conformity. Embracing the uniqueness of this notion of identity, the project becomes immersed in the territory of the body through techniques of perception and sensation.

Copy editing: Tamar Shafrir 

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