The intimacy of colors 

What defines who we are, how we are perceived ? Our mind, our behaviors but also our colors. Our global pigmentation first, but also rashes, freckles, black and white spots, veins, dark circles, moles define our identity and the way we are perceived from the outside. This judgement acts like a mirror on our self-consideration. 

We are defined and called as colors when it comes to physically describe ourselves (black, white, yellow, red), dividing 7,5 billions of humans in couples of color cases, while cosmetics' industries propose around ten units of foundation and tights industry a maximum of five different nude colors. 

However our uniqueness also comes from the huge amount of pigments, variations, and optical effect our skin is able to produce all along our lives. 

Therefor, a way to renew with our intimacy and our identity as well could be to map our uniqueness with colors, established as an individual palette of colors to apply on our intimate environment.