Marine Lottermoser is a french designer and illustrator based in The Netherlands, whose field of interests lies in the esteem given to  aesthetics in our contemporary societies. 

Fascinated by the quest of beauty and the social consequences it leads to, she takes an interest in this societal phenomenon that deeply challenges ostensibly basic notions like habits, behaviors, or even body movements.

Approaching this thematic through the notion of intimacy, Marine Lottermoser got very interested into using the body as a tool of expression as much as an infinite resource.  Designing a new aesthetic of the body for the body, she aims to established a new relationship between bodies and souls. Playing on opposite notions like hiding and exhibiting, she uses organic codes mostly inspired by the skin. 

Working on materializing reactions to the social environment we live in, where beauty is commodified and standardized, she aims to engage a reflexion on underlines issues like identity or individualism.

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